Smart Monitor Upgrades

Unlock the data in the devices you already have.

Shipshape sensor kits retrofit onto any mechanical home system, allowing our software to connect and monitor the wellbeing of your home at all times, so you never have to worry.


SAM Services

Whole home management in one place.

Getting work done on a home is a difficult process for many people, but with help from Shipshape, you've got the confidence to do anything. Access our network of local pros, budgeting tools, quote comparisons, and tailored project management to plan for and finish large home improvements like weatherization, major appliance replacements, and energy efficiency projects.


Integrated Smart Homes

Home care made easy.

A Shipshape home should fit into your daily life seamlessly - working in the background to save your time, money and energy. SAM and the experts at Shipshape can help you identify integrations, automations, and programs that work with insurance, utility, and maintenance providers. We'll sweat the details while you enjoy your home: cool, calm and connected.


The Shipshape Provider Ecosystem

We can't deliver on our commitment to save you time, money and energy without help from the local providers that help you maintain and operate your home, so we built our company with them in mind. From the moment you get Shipshape, you've got help at the touch of a button from the pros that make your community thrive.