The Mobile App

The Shipshape mobile app transforms the way you interact with your home! You can manage everything from the palm of your hand like:

  • Remotely monitor your home
  • Connect smart home devices to a powerful dashboard for your home
  • Automatically connect to a network of the best service providers
  • Chat with SAM, your virtual home assistant
  • Receive recommendations about how to upgrade to a more reliable, efficient, and safe home

The app is free, so head on over to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to begin your journey to a Shipshape home!

Smart Alerts

When a problem happens with one of your home's systems, fixing it as quickly as possible is in your best interest, which is why you will receive alerts from Shipshape instantly.

Shipshape's Smart Alert strategy can learn from your expectations about the data you care about and the alert types you need to see and adapt accordingly.

HomeHealth Record

Just like most cars have a vehicle history report, your Shipshape home will build and maintain a report for your home called the HomeHealth Record. Your record helps determine reliability, efficiency, and maintenance recommendations Shipshape creates for you as well as assists home service professionals who you may engage to repair or upgrade aspects of your home.

Your HomeHealth Record may include:

  • List of systems in your home
  • Operational and service histories
  • Location information
  • Weather history and insights


Shipshape transforms the way you interact with your home and SAM helps you along the way. Whether you’re exploring ways to make your home more efficient, checking up on an appliance warranty, reviewing insurance coverage, or scheduling appointments with pros, SAM is the perfect addition to your intelligent home. SAM can help you:

  • Troubleshoot issues
  • Connect to a service pro
  • Access your HomeHealth Record
  • Get tips to improve your HomeHealth scores

Ask SAM questions like...

  • "Is my dehumidifier under warranty?"
  • "When will I have to replace my roof?"
  • "Can you connect me to a service pro?"
  • "Why is my sump pump not working?"
  • "What does this alert mean?"
  • "What is the air quality like in the kitchen right now?"
  • "Is the humidity in my attic okay?"