The Next Generation in Waterproofing Solutions is Here

Proactively monitor and maintain your home's critical systems from the palm of your hand.
Get one FREE monitoring solution for your sump pump or dehumidifier! (scroll down!)

Why Get Shipshape?

Shipshape enables homeowners to know their systems are working without having to go into the crawl space or basement - just like a "check engine" light alerting you to an underlying issue in your car.

Bring Your Appliances "Online"

Professionally installed sensors upgrade your existing appliances to unlock performance metrics & additional insights

Monitor Performance in the App

Save time money and energy with proactive alerts, performance metrics and maintenance reminders right on your phone

Get 24/7 Pro Monitoring & Assistance

Get peace of mind and help resolving issues with professional monitoring by a dedicated Shipshape Home Assistant

Get Alerts Like: High Humidity - Leak Detected - Filter Change Needed

Customer Testimonial

"I like the product, the app, and the extra assurance that everything is running smoothly and operating as it should - especially since our dehumidifier and sump pump are in the basement, and we don't readily see what's happening down there on a daily basis."

Get the Next-Generation in Waterproofing Solutions

Monitor your sump pump and/or dehumidifier from your phone.
Get peace of mind knowing your systems are actually working.
Save time, money, and energy with smart maintenance & service.

Get one FREE monitoring solution for your sump pump or dehumidifier!

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