How Shipshape Uses Your Internet and Secures Your Data

by Mark Palestine

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The Shipshape platform is designed with security at its foundation. We make sure your data is secure using cutting-edge techniques and proprietary features.

Our platform is built for homeowners. The data we collect belongs to you. We are here to help you store, protect, and utilize your data.

We care about your safety, security as well as how we are using limited resources such as internet and wifi speed. This document should help you understand how minimally invasive our products are and how safe they are.

Simply put:

Shipshape puts protecting homeowner data and security at the core of what we do. Our world-class engineers have built an enterprise grade security layer that rivals most large tech companies. We did this because we need to earn the trust of the homeowners we serve.

The amount of data we are sending through your internet is negligible. Our sensors are on their own network (not wifi) and the amount of data required is 1/250,000 of your favorite streaming service. We are talking about a very small amount of data that requires a very small amount of your internet usage.

Security: Does Shipshape have a robust security layer?

YES. Our hubs and servers talk to each other through signed messages and a secure tunneling system which is rarely needed. Only an authorized user with the correct security key can read messages coming from the hub or send messages to the hub. Each hub has a unique security key so there is no chance even another Shipshape user could read your hub’s messages.

We employ techniques that harden the security of the database, network, and data access layers to ensure that your data is always safe:

  • Data Encrypted in transit between your house and our servers
  • Data Encrypted in between sensors and your hub
  • Data Encryption at rest (Coming Soon)
  • Custom-built Watchdog Intrusion Detection
  • Shipshape approved devices undergo a comprehensive security evaluation to ensure your smart home is secured

Wi-Fi: I work from home a lot now. How will this affect my Wi-Fi?

You should not experience any change in the performance of your Wi-Fi or internet access as a result of installing Shipshape.

Shipshape does not actually use your Wi-Fi. instead, our hub is plugged directly into your Internet router and sets up an independent network that uses a radio frequency called Zigbee.

For more information about how Zigbee radio frequency operates please click this link.

Internet Usage: Will this slow down my internet?

NO. The messages sent to and from our hardware are very very small and in most cases infrequent. Any battery operated sensor only reports data a few times an hour depending on changes detected in your space. A power plug can report data a few times a minute. The amount of data that is sent is less than 2kb per message - which is hardly noticeable.  

As an example when you stream a movie you are most likely downloading greater than 500MB of data, more than 250,000 times as much as our sensors send.