The AI-Powered Assistant for Your Home

How the Platform Works

1. Connect Home Systems

2. Get AlertActions

3. Connect to Providers

Connect Your Old Appliances with SmartMonitors

Our universal adapters can make any appliance smart by detecting leaks, humidity levels, temperature and power use.

Integrate Your Smart Home Products and Appliances

Enjoy seamless integration. Shipshape is designed to complement and connect with industry-leading smart home devices and appliances.

Get Proactive With AlertActions

Our proprietary alert framework is designed to help you take action. Monitor data including power use, humidity, temperature, age of appliance and maintenance schedules.

Improve Your Home’s Health

Centralize and take control of your home data to identify how best to improve reliability, efficiency and maintenance.

Save Energy With a Powerful Dashboard

Harness the power of analytics to streamline energy use. Smart solutions for a greener home.

Stay Ahead of Maintenance

Automatic reminders ensure your home stays in prime condition.

Connect to Your Service Providers

Connect to service pros with the tap of a button to get help and take on projects.

Gain Peace of Mind With Pro Monitoring

Shipshape Home Assistants

Get advice and assistance with anything you need to better maintain your home. From your installed Shipshape solutions to the improvement projects you want to get done, we're excited to help.

Get Started With a Simple Upgrade

Installs in just 10 minutes

Pro installation is available.


For your crawl space and basement systems: sump pumps, dehumidifiers, and complete waterproofing setups.

1 Shipshape Gateway

2 Multi-Sensors

2 Smart Plugs

1 Range Extender


For your heating, cooling, and air conditioning systems: air handlers, condensers, heat pumps, furnaces, and more.

1 Shipshape Gateway

3 Multi-Sensors

1 Smart Thermostat

1 Range Extender


Advanced Leak Detection for your water appliances: washing machines, water heaters, dishwashers, and more.

1 Shipshape Gateway

3 Multi-Sensors

1 Range Extender

Optional: Automatic water shut-off valve

Unlock Benefits With a Shipshape Membership

No contracts. No commitments. No hidden fees.



24/7 System Protection

Home Assistant Alert Support

Project management

Provider recommendations

Quote review

Access to Virtual Assistant

Shipshape Device Warranty

75% discount off additional sensors

Monitored Appliances: unlimited



24/7 System Protection

Home Assistant Alert Support

Project management

Provider recommendations

Quote review

Access to Virtual Assistant: Limited

Shipshape Device Warranty: Limited

50% discount off additional sensors

Monitored Appliances: up to 3


What is Shipshape?

Shipshape is your all-in-one home maintenance solution, designed to turn key appliances smart and provide real-time visibility and assistance. We prioritize peace of mind for homeowners, using cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team to ensure your home runs smoothly.

Which appliances can Shipshape make smart?

Shipshape can make important appliances like sump pumps, dehumidifiers, HVAC systems, and water heaters smart. Our solutions are compatible with virtually any appliance or system in your home.

Do I need specific brands of appliances for Shipshape to work?

No, Shipshape is designed to be compatible with any manufacturer of the specified appliances, such as sump pumps or dehumidifiers. Our goal is to make any appliance smart, regardless of its brand.

How does the Shipshape system provide alerts?

Shipshape generates what we call "AlertActions." These are insightful, useful, and actionable alerts that inform you about the status of your home systems. These are delivered to you in real-time, and our team of Home Assistants also monitors these to provide assistance when needed.

Is my home data secure with Shipshape?

Yes, data security is a priority for us. The Shipshape platform ensures that your data is secure using enterprise-grade advanced techniques and proprietary features.

Does Shipshape offer professional installation?

Professional installation is available in most US states. However, Shipshape has an intuitive in-app wizard to guide you through the installation process. Many users find the installation process straightforward and can complete it in 10-20 minutes.

Shipshape partnership spotlight by Michael Church, industry influencer and the face of Crawl Space Ninja

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