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Meet the Smiths

Jane and John Smith were tired of having to go check on their crawl space systems to make sure they were working.

Their local service company recommended getting Shipshape and helped them get the SmartMonitor solution that they needed.

Smart Hardware

The SmartMonitor sensors were placed down in the crawl space and installed to their systems.

The Mobile App

They logged into the Shipshape app and immediately saw all the information that was there.

Real-time Monitoring

That night, they woke to a sudden rainstorm, and instead of running out to the crawl space door, they checked on the sump pump in the app and saw it was working normally and even how many gallons it'd already removed!


Weeks later, an alert popped up on the phone from Shipshape. It had been raining for a few days now and Shipshape's predictive maintenance engine flagged their pump as being overwhelmed. More than just seeing the warning and the data, it was explained clearly why it was a problem and what they could do about it.

Help at the Touch of a Button

Not knowing where to start, the Smiths chatted with SAM, who got them in touch with their friendly Home Assistant, who helped schedule a service pro.

The Provider Network

The local company came out and installed the second pump, and the Smiths took the extra step to add them to their list of providers in the app, so they could connect easier in the future.

Maintenance Plans

Knowing that they wanted to keep the new pump in good working order and extend its lifespan, the Smiths enrolled it in their service provider's maintenance plan.


And they knew their original sump pump was older and had been overworking for far too long. So they budgeted a replacement for the following year in the app.

HomeHealth Scores

After enrolling in the maintenance plan and setting their upgrade budget, the Smiths noticed their HomeHealth scores go up and gained peace of mind in their Shipshape home.

It's free to get started - take this first step towards predictive maintenance.

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