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Shipshape provides homeowners an AI-powered software platform that puts the homeowner in control of the cost of operating and maintaining their home. Our proprietary technology is designed to help homeowners and their service providers connect more efficiently to save time, money and energy.

Our Mission

To make homes smart enough to take care of themselves

Our Vision

A world where every home is safe, reliable, and efficient

A Message from Our Founder & CEO Alexander Linn

“Why are our homes still causing financial, health, and energy disasters? If we can build rockets to go to Mars and self driving cars we can make our homes reliable and efficient.”

In 2011, I became concerned that AI could cause severe disruption to our society. So I wanted to find a way to use AI for good. I had experience working on smart buildings so I knew about the inefficiencies in managing buildings. However, it was after a mission trip to Kenya that I realized just how important the home is to psychological well-being. I believe that if we make homes reliable then more people will engage in solving problems for the world rather than worrying about the roof over their heads. Once I started talking to homeowners to hear their stories, there was no turning back. Shipshape was born.

It is estimated that it will take $2 trillion and 20 billion hours of work to modernize America’s aging single-family infrastructure to address the burgeoning climate crisis. Homeowners are not prepared to manage this themselves, and no single service provider can assist homeowners with this challenge.

However, with connected home services, we can do it. Shipshape networks together home maintenance contractors, insurance providers, utilities, and manufacturers to create win-win outcomes across the ecosystem, benefiting homeowners, providers, and the planet.

Our Story

We are a rapidly growing tech company based in Austin, TX, and Birmingham, AL, offering whole-home monitoring solutions as part of a comprehensive management and predictive maintenance platform.

Shipshape essentially serves as the "check engine light" and "car facts report" for the home, enabling homeowners to monitor their appliances and critical systems via their cell phones and know in real-time if they're functioning properly.

We partner with value-aligned, market-leading builders & developers to provide their customers with Shipshape monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions. These solutions are designed to enhance the homeowner experience through a robust technology platform.

Press, Recognition & Partnerships

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of Our Product

1 out of 50 homes on our platform will be subsidized so that we ensure we are building technology that serves homeowners at all income levels.


of Our Time

Employees receive 5 days of paid time off for volunteering each year. Volunteering is an important way to get to know the communities and homeowners we serve.


of Our Equity

We issued a founding stake in the company to the Shipshape Foundation so that as our company grows we can make grants to homeowners in need.

Join the Movement to Modernize Our Homes & Strengthen Our Communities

Reduce Pollution

Avoid Health Problems

Prevent Financial Burdens

Shipshape partnership spotlight by Michael Church, industry influencer and the face of Crawl Space Ninja

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Shipshape featured in award winning documentary series

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Shipshape honored as finalist for company that gives back by Austin Chamber

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Hear from our customers,  and learn how we're helping homeowners save time, money, and energy

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