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Shipshape: The Check Engine Light for Your Home

July 6, 2021

Just as your car alerts you when something’s wrong in the engine, Shipshape alerts you when something’s wrong in your home.

Household Molds Are Linked to Childhood Asthma—Here's What You Can Do

May 26, 2021

Household mold can have serious consequences on the health of your family. Shipshape air sensors help you monitor mold risk and ensure a healthy indoor environment.

10 Energy Wasting Habits, and How to Fix Them

April 1, 2021

Energy waste at home can lead to higher utility bills and worn-out systems needing repair. Learn how to break bad habits for a healthier energy-conscious home.

How High Humidity Affects Your AC Unit—And What You Can Do About It

May 4, 2021

High humidity can wreak havoc on your AC unit. Learn how you can monitor your HVAC system to ensure optimal performance using Shipshape air sensors.

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Predictive Maintenance for Homeowners

Unlocking the promise of the smart home

by Alexander Linn

Predictive maintenance is now possible as a solution for single-family homes. The proliferation of connected devices and advancements in cloud computing have already enabled commercial buildings and factories to transform their operations from reactive and manual to proactive and automated. To accomplish this...

How Shipshape Uses Your Internet and Secures Your Data

by Mark Palestine

The Shipshape platform is designed with security at its foundation. We make sure your data is secure using cutting edge techniques and proprietary features. Our platform is built for homeowners. The data we collect belongs to you. We are here to help you store, protect, and utilize your data...