Get Started With a Shipshape Starter Kit

Connect your first appliance - $500 discounted to $375 with Standard Membership purchase

Shipshape Starter Kit

Universal sensors can make any appliance or room smart! 

The multi-sensor monitors humidity, temperature and leaks. It has a 3-yr battery life and is easy to install anywhere.
The smart plug measures energy consumption an enables remote control.

FREE pro installation available in selected areas! Self install in less than 10 minutes.


1 Shipshape Gateway

1 Multi-Sensor

1 Smart Plug





Discounted 25% with purchase of Standard Membership


1 Shipshape Gateway

2 Multi-Sensors

2 Smart Plugs





Discounted 25% with purchase of Standard Membership


1 Shipshape Gateway

4 Multi-Sensors

4 Smart Plugs





Discounted 50% with purchase of Complete Membership

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Shipshape Membership Levels

Get peace of mind with benefits designed to save you time, energy an money!



Pro monitoring

Phone & text notifications

Service pro recommendations

Extended sensor warranty

50% discount on sensors

Monitored Appliances: 4+



Monitor yourself with the app

Phone & text notifications

Service pro recommendations

Limited sensor warranty

Unlock Benefits With
A Shipshape Membership

No contracts. No commitments. No hidden fees.


$15 / Month

24/7 System Protection

Home Assistant Alert Support

Pro Monitored Appliances: unlimited

Provider recommendations

Shipshape Device Warranty

50% discount on Shipshape Sensors



24/7 System Protection

Home Management App

Pro Monitored Appliances: 0

Shipshape Device Warranty: Limited

Call us if you have questions! 

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