May 26, 2021

Household Molds Are Linked to Childhood Asthma—Here's What You Can Do

Household mold can have serious consequences on the health of your family. Shipshape air sensors help you monitor mold risk and ensure a healthy indoor environment.

Household mold is no joke. The devastating health consequences of ignoring your indoor environment are paramount—according to recent reports, household mold can lead to asthma in children. Of course, there are genetic factors at play which determine the likelihood that a child might develop asthma or other respiratory problems in general. However, moisture problems such as water leaks are major culprits which increase the probability of indoor mold. This subsequently leads to an increase in asthma which has been documented by a panel of researchers from the National Institute of Health Sciences. 

According to the investigation, three specific types of mold are common within the homes of babies who later developed asthma. These molds were directly linked to high humidity levels within homes. The researchers, led by Dr. Tiina Reponen of the University of Cincinnati, concluded that the tiny spores spread by mold cause allergic reactions, and these spores would eventually build up within the respiratory tracts of children during their developmental years. As a result, they would develop asthma and other health problems.

While this situation might sound alarming, do not fret! Your exposure to this risk can easily be mitigated by having the right protocol in place to ensure the safety of your home and family. You must ensure a high level of hygiene inside your house and keep your environment dry—no damp clothes, no open buckets of water, etc. Apart from this, you must also ensure that you monitor the air quality of your home to check for any potential threats. But how can you do this? 

Monitor Your Home’s Air Quality and Eliminate Household Mold with Shipshape

The air inside your home cycles naturally and can carry spores from hidden mold growth. Shipshape provides a convenient solution to safeguard your home against mold and VOCS (volatile organic compounds). Our state-of-the art air sensors alert you of any toxic compounds in the atmosphere so that you can take necessary action. What’s more, our systems even let you keep a tight check on humidity and temperature levels. This lets you rest in comfort knowing that your home is free from any potential threats and you are always informed about anything that seems out of the ordinary.

Contact us at Shipshape to know more about how we can help you monitor mold risk and safeguard your home against environmental threats. 

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