August 11, 2022

Shipshape Adds Pro HVAC Solution To Its Proprietary Home Management Platform

HVAC is causing major problems, and they are only getting worse. The systems are inefficient, unreliable and expensive. They waste a lot of energy and break down at the worst times. Failures regularly cause poor indoor air quality leading to major health issues for homeowners. Shipshape’s HVAC Solution provides homeowners with peace of mind that their HVAC system is working properly and connects homeowners with service providers and utilities to save time, money and energy. This is a timely addition to the Shipshape platform as homeowners are looking to promote a more financially sustainable cost of home ownership, healthier living environments and energy efficiency.

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Shipshape’s next-generation Pro HVAC Solution helps homeowners monitor performance, maintain their systems, avoid unexpected repairs and prevent health risks. The solution leverages advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technology along with decades of experience in building science and mechanical engineering to deliver a first-of-its-kind HVAC solution in partnership with service providers.

HVAC systems are complicated and require regular maintenance to operate efficiently. Homeowners are not experts in HVAC system maintenance and, as a result, risk expensive breakdowns and health issues. Homeowners do not know what maintenance is required or when it should be done. They do not know how long an HVAC system should last or how much to budget for the replacement. Finally, homeowners are unaware that deferring maintenance can lead to serious problems like condensation and high humidity that cause mold growth and serious health issues including respiratory illness.

“There is a lot of work being done by the industry to inspect and build homes so that they are green and healthy. Before Shipshape, there was no good solution to help the homeowner make sure their home stays efficient and healthy over time,” said Stephen Hamstra, P.E., AEE Fellow, ASHRAE HBDP, CGD - Sr VP Engineering at Melink ZERO, and Shipshape Advisor.

Current challenges with HVAC performance create significant problems for the community. HVAC systems use a lot of energy. For the average home in the United States, HVAC accounts for 43% of total home energy use ( Meanwhile, heating and cooling homes is notoriously inefficient and wastes expensive energy. According to experts, homes waste 35% of the energy they use (Connect4Climate). As of April, 20 million families in the U.S were behind on their energy bills (CNN). To make things worse, extreme climate events like heatwaves and polar vortexes increase HVAC demand leading to strain on the electrical grid and problems for utilities. The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts demand for HVAC will increase 300 percent by 2050 (IEA). In light of this, proactive monitoring and proper maintenance is more important now than ever. When breakdowns occur, health consequences and property damage can be severe.

The Shipshape Pro HVAC Solution is designed to help monitor and maintain the entire HVAC system including the AC unit, air handler, condensate pump, dehumidifier and air purifier. Some of the top features include:

  • Smart thermostat integration (Works with Ecobee & Honeywell Resideo)
  • Leak detection
  • Air quality monitoring (VOCs, CO2, humidity, temperature)
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Utility & government incentives
  • Service provider management

Shipshape's new HVAC Solution is also timely following the Senate's approval of the Inflation Reduction Act (“IRA”). This new bill proposes direct incentives to homeowners looking to save money while making their homes more energy efficient. Specifically, homeowners will be eligible for up to $14,000 in credits to invest in energy efficiency improvements, including HVAC upgrades. While proposals like this have promise, they can be challenging for homeowners to navigate and many are simply unaware they are available. Without a mechanism to monitor and maintain a project, homeowners that participate in incentive programs can fail to capture the full return on investment for the project. This can result in wasted program funds, a much longer payback period, and increased long-term cost of operating the home.

“Homeowners can’t afford more costly HVAC problems. Home ownership is already too expensive, and poor maintenance and wasted energy are a significant cause. This solution is designed to save homeowners thousands of dollars over the life of the HVAC system and promote positive community impact,” said Alexander Linn, Shipshape’s Founder and CEO.

Shipshape’s Pro HVAC Solution, alongside Shipshape’s existing Pro Basement and Crawl Space and Advanced Leak Detection solutions, offers homeowners a complete home management platform. The Shipshape platform adds new value by creating interoperability across multiple smart home devices and home care providers. Shipshape adds an intelligence layer, provides an integrated next-generation interface, and makes it easy to connect to a vetted network of providers including contractors, manufacturers, and utilities.

Shipshape’s Home Management Platform includes:

  • Home Assistant Monitoring™
  • Shipshape Assisted Maintenance aka SAM™
  • Provider Network™
  • The HomeHealth Record™
  • MyCoverage™
  • AlertActions™

About Shipshape Solutions Inc.
Shipshape is on a mission to make homes smart enough to take care of themselves. Shipshape believes every home should be safe, reliable, efficient, and well maintained. The company operates a first of its kind proprietary home management platform that offers solutions to homeowners to reduce the costs of home maintenance and operations. The Shipshape platform integrates an ecosystem of smart home hardware to enable advanced analytics and recommend actions that will reduce risks and improve system performance. Shipshape’s software platform unlocks the value of sensor data to enable a whole new era of the smart home. The company was founded with philanthropy and sustainability at its core and includes a 2-2-2 model to donate time, money and product to help give back to the community.

Shipshape is based in Austin, TX. For more information, visit (

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