January 17, 2023

Shipshape Solutions Adds Kefficient To Growing Service Provider Network To Offer Next Generation Performance Monitoring To Their Customers

Shipshape Solutions, Inc. (“Shipshape”) adds Kefficient, a Richmond, VA based waterproofing and foundation repair company, to their growing service provider network. In this partnership, Kefficient will offer Shipshape’s next generation performance monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions as part of their suite of services.

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Shipshape, a company on a mission to make homes smart enough to take care of themselves, announced the addition of Kefficient to their service provider network today.

Shipshape will provide performance monitoring and maintenance management solutions to Kefficient customers in Virginia.

“We are committed to going above and beyond to provide an unmatched customer experience. We take great pride in using the most innovative solutions to help homeowners protect their basements and crawl spaces. Shipshape gives us the ability to offer 24/7 monitoring alongside our annual maintenance program to provide a new level peace of mind for our customers.” said Mark Keffer, Owner of Kefficient in Richmond, Virginia.

In this partnership, Kefficient will join Shipshape’s Service Provider Network and offer Shipshape’s sump pump and dehumidifier upgrade solutions to their customers. In addition, the partnership will run co-marketing and other promotional campaigns to Kefficient and Shipshape customers.

Shipshape will enhance Kefficient’s offerings and deliver an exceptional experience to homeowners, including:

  • Performance monitoring to ensure installed systems are  top quality
  • Streamlined  maintenance assistance, troubleshooting and connections to vetted  contractors
  • Remote  monitoring and control to help homeowners take action even while away
  • Simplified  and centralized home management experience
  • Warranty,  insurance and service plan management
  • Budgeting  and financial home management insights

“We want to help local businesses grow and thrive, they are the experts at home services and we are the experts at technology. Our job is to help homeowners by empowering them with information to make smarter decisions with their maintenance or repair needs, while simultaneously lifting up the businesses of our partners,” said Dale Johnson, Director of Service Provider Marketing Programs at Shipshape Solutions Inc.

This partnership offers Kefficient customers a complete solution to protect their crawl spaces and basements.

About Shipshape Solutions Inc.

Shipshape is on a mission to make homes smart enough to take care of themselves. Shipshape believes every home should be safe, reliable, efficient and well-maintained. The company operates a first of its kind proprietary smart home predictive maintenance platform that offers solutions to homeowners to reduce the costs of home maintenance and operations. The Shipshape platform integrates an ecosystem of smart home hardware to enable advanced analytics and recommend actions that will reduce risks and improve system performance. Shipshape’s software platform unlocks the value of sensor data to enable a whole new era of the smart home.Shipshape is based in Austin, TX. For more information, visit http://www.shipshape.ai.

About Kefficient

Kefficient is a home service contracting firm based in Richmond, Virginia focused on customer experience. Kefficient’s goal is to provide information to homeowners to help them make the best decision for your home.  Kefficient offers professional, long-term solutions to crawl space and basement problems.Kefficient is located in Richmond, Virginia. For more information visit https://www.kefficient.com/

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