Be the Hero in the Story of Your Home

Home in the Palm of Your Hand

Home Screen

You’ll start here when you open the app. See a quick overview of your home’s health and quickly access SAM, the menu, and your alerts by tapping the icons.


Dive deeper into your home’s data. Review info and analytics about your appliances by tapping on them. Explore your Home Health Scores and how you can improve them with a simple click.


Explore resources like articles and suggestions to help you better manage your home.

Monitored Appliances for Peace of Mind

Appliance Overview

The appliance details page gives you an overview of all the critical information about your appliance.

Appliance Analytics

See your appliance data and performance trends over time. Appliances with smart sensors will record the measurements of the associated sensors.

Appliance History

View a list of historical events for your appliance. Tap into each event to see diagnostic data and details about each event.

Smarter Alerts Get Better Outcomes

Alerts in the App

Use the bell icon in the upper right hand corner to view your alerts inbox! Tap an alert to learn more about why you’re receiving this alert, why it matters, the data it’s based on, and what you can do about it.

Alert Details

Everything you need to know about the alert including it's severity, the appliance it's addressing, the underlying data, and any related information.

Go Deeper with Alerts

When you're not sure why an alert is present or what to do about it, detailed descriptions are available for you to dive into. If the alert has still not been properly described, just ask SAM!

SAM: Shipshape Assisted Maintenance

SAM: Virtual Assistant

SAM is the helpful otter who can assist you with almost everything about your home. Tap on SAM’s circle icon on any screen to chat with our team of Home Assistants.

SAM Can Help

SAM provides the best possible solution by reviewing all the information and data about your home in the Shipshape app. You can ask SAM about app features, home projects, finding qualified pros, reviewing quotes and more!

Chats with SAM

Whatever you need, SAM is always ready to help. But when SAM can’t resolve it, an agent will pick up where SAM left off and continue getting you the help you want.

It's all in the HomeHealth Scores


The consistency with which all your home's connected systems perform.


The ratio of work performed to the total energy used by all your home's connected systems.


The state of all routine and preventative maintenance actions performed or required by your home's connected systems.

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