The HomeHealth Assessment

A HomeHealth Assessment by Shipshape is a smart move that can save you a lot of hassles in the long run. It's a challenge for even the most diligent homeowner to keep up with a home's needs, performance, and risks. Our Assessment is designed to identify these opportunities to empower you with the information and tools to enjoy a healthy home.
Know what's in your home, common risk factors, and your HomeHealth Scores
Get a detailed report with personalized recommendations and actionable insights
Use the mobile app to manage your home and connect with local pros for projects and improvements
Prevent unexpected breakdowns and expenses with proactive home care

Get a HomeHealth Assessment

Available in select areas only, price varies

Schedule time to have a HomeHealth expert to gather information about your home, complete a full examination of your appliances and spaces, and finish your Shipshape home's set up. In person or virtual options.

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