September 7, 2021

Sump Pump: What It Is & Why You Need One

From structural damage to waterlogged furniture and appliances, flooding can be a real fear for homeowners. Sump pumps can be the solution you need.

Homeowners have many fears that can keep them up at night; home flooding is often one of those fears. How do you eliminate moisture and prevent flood damage? A sump pump is one of the best ways to defend against home flooding. Here is a quick guide to sump pumps.

What Is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a home tool that pumps out water that accumulates in a sump basin. They are often placed in the area of the home or building that is the lowest point in the floor for easy drainage. A sump pump pumps water out of the building to a specific location outside of the home. A valve stops the water from flowing backward into the house after it has been removed. 

Most sump pumps are found in basements and help keep your home free of any excess water that shouldn’t be there. 

There are two kinds of sump pumps on the market:

  • Pedestal Pumps - These pumps have a slightly longer life span compared to a submersible kind. They are better suited to narrow pits and have a motor that sits above the expected water line. A possible disadvantage of a pedestal pump is the loud noise that they make. 
  • Submersible pumps - These pumps have more power and an ability to pump out solids and debris; as the name suggests, submersible pumps can be fully submerged underwater. They are a little more costly; however, they are great value for money spent. 

Sump pumps can be fitted with float sensors or moisture sensors. Once the sensor detects water, the motor clicks on and begins pumping water out. 

The Benefits of Installing a Sump Pump

  • Health - Aside from preventing damage to the foundations of your home and other flood-related damage, sump pumps help ensure that your home is dry and free of mold or mildew. Damp and dark environments are ideal spaces for dangerous molds to grow; these molds are hard to get rid of and can often cause health issues. 
  • Home Automation - In the age of home automation, your sump pump can be connected to your smart home management devices, alerting you when your home is at risk of flooding. Access to automated alerts can help you call the necessary services even if you aren’t at home. 
  • Property Value - Sump pumps can increase the value of your property. Potential buyers or renters stand to benefit from a home with a pump already installed. A sump pump ensures that the basement is a usable space by keeping it dry and secure.  
  • Staying Dry - Structural damage caused by flooding can be costly to repair. Keeping your home dry is crucial. Sump pumps ensure that your home is kept dry and free from flooding in emergencies, preventing damage to the foundations.

There are many benefits to installing a sump pump on your property. Peace of mind knowing that your home is safer is priceless. Get in touch with a reputable home automation company for advice on upgrading your pre-existing sump pump with a monitored solution. Shipshape can help you stay on top of your home management and maintenance; get in touch today.

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