April 26, 2021

Shipshape Adds Dehumidifier Upgrade To Its Smart Home Predictive Maintenance Platform

Shipshape’s new dehumidifier upgrade is designed to help homeowners save time and money. Millions of homes rely on dehumidifiers that are a hassle to monitor and maintain. Dehumidifiers are critical in many homes to maintain healthy indoor air quality and help save energy on HVAC.

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Shipshape, a company on a mission to make homes smart enough to take care of themselves, announced the Dehumidifier Upgrade to further expand the capabilities of Shipshape’s smart home predictive maintenance platform. Homeowners depend on dehumidifiers to protect their homes from potential humidity damage that can lead to mold, wood rot and poor indoor air quality. Dehumidifiers also play a critical role in the performance of home HVAC systems. Unfortunately, dehumidifiers can break down and they are particularly difficult to monitor because they are often located in hard-to-reach areas of the home, such as the crawl space, basement or attic. When a dehumidifier fails it can cost thousands of dollars and a lot of time to deal with repairs.

“We find that dehumidifiers actually require a good bit of maintenance, and they often brake down, which we have seen cause major issues for our customers,” said Ryan Thomas, Director of Customer Success at Shipshape.

Shipshape solves this monitoring and maintenance issue with an easy-to-install upgrade to a home's existing dehumidifier. The Dehumidifier Upgrade monitors the dehumidifier 24/7 to prevent common issues such as unexpected break-downs, wasted energy and water damage from high humidity. The solution also provides helpful maintenance reminders and assistance.

According to Vitalii Kapliuk, VP of Technology at Shipshape, “Shipshape adds a layer of intelligence to a dehumidifier. Instead of simply targeting a humidity setpoint, which is just a number to most people, we can control the dehumidifier to optimize for health conditions and energy savings.”

Shipshape’s powerful software platform provides homeowners with the ability to monitor and manage all of their homes’ connected systems.

Next-gen intelligent features include:

  • The HomeHealth Record™ – Complete performance history for each system in the home.
  • Proactive AlertActions™ – Notifications that offer actionable recommendations to help the homeowner reduce risks or improve performance associated with the home’s critical systems.
  • Shipshape Assisted Maintenance aka SAM™ – A virtual assistant that helps resolve issues and connects users to service pros when needed.

Shipshape’s Dehumidifier Upgrade is the second product in a comprehensive suite of solutions developed through extensive market testing.

Dehumidifier Upgrade Includes:

Smart Monitor™ – Hardware devices with sensors and controls that can be added to any existing dehumidifier to connect the dehumidifier to the internet and Shipshape’s platform.

Mobile App – Software that enables homeowners to interact with their systems, input warranty info, access their HomeHealth Record™, respond to AlertActions™, request help from SAM™ and connect to service providers.

Shipshape Membership Subscription (optional)

  • Pro Monitoring – 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Home Assistant – A dedicated Shipshape representative to help you resolve home issues and connect to service pros when needed
  • Extended Warranty – An extended warranty on the SmartMonitor™ devices that keep your service connected

About Shipshape Solutions Inc.
Shipshape is on a mission to make homes smart enough to take care of themselves. Shipshape believes every home should be safe, reliable, efficient and well maintained. The company operates a first of its kind proprietary smart home predictive maintenance platform that offers solutions to homeowners to reduce the costs of home maintenance and operations. The Shipshape platform integrates an ecosystem of smart home hardware to enable advanced analytics and recommend actions that will reduce risks and improve system performance. Shipshape’s software platform unlocks the value of sensor data to enable a whole new era of the smart home.

Shipshape is based in Austin, TX. For more information, visit http://www.shipshape.ai.

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