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Predictive Maintenance for your dehumidifier

Prevent costly, unexpected damage with remote performance monitoring

Get proactive and powerful AlertActions designed to save you time, money and energy

Extend appliance lifespans and save energy with reminders to stay on top of maintenance

Avoid unexpected expenses with estimated maintenance and replacement costs

Predictive Maintenance Takes You



Wait for problems to happen
Interrupt daily routine to fix
Stress ability to pay for repairs
Live with undiscovered risks
Struggle against weather impacts
Worry about systems while away
Start every search for help on Google
Fear a job quote isn't fair



Avoid common issues
Reduce cost of homeownership
Preserve home value
Plan for big expenses
Reduce carbon footprint
Identify weatherization needs
Improve interactions with providers
Upgrade more efficiently

Why Monitor Your Dehumidifier?


The average cost to replace a crawl space or basement dehumidifier


The percentage of homes in the US that have a basement mold problem


Property damage each year in US caused by dry rot

Complete, Turn-Key Solutions for Your Home

Get the right solutions for you and your home

Powered by the next-generation Shipshape platform

So you can easily monitor it and take action

Get the Right Solutions for You and Your Home

Tailored Solutions

Recommendations by a professional you already trust

Basement Dehumidifier

Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Garage Dehumidifier

Attic Dehumidifier

We Understand That Your Home is Unique

You know your home. You've probably made some choices already about the people and companies you've trusted to help you maintain it. That's why we've created our solutions with both you and your providers in mind. When you choose Shipshape predictive maintenance, you bring your providers with you, and take your first steps towards making your home smart enough to take care of itself.

Basement Dehumidifier

Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Garage Dehumidifier

Attic Dehumidifier

Smart Hardware

Perfectly matched to your use case, sending live data

We've Made it Easy to Pick the Right Smart Home Devices

It can be challenging to find the right hardware and sensor combination to begin analyzing data from your monitored system. We've done the hard work and made smart home devices that are open for integration and interoperability available to you through our solution upgrades.
This Solution Comes Standard With:
1 Shipshape Gateway
1 Multi-sensor
1 Smart Plug
Peace of Mind (free)

Professional Install

A white glove customer experience guaranteed

Confidently Managed Smart Home Configurations

Our certified installers have the skills to get your network, devices, mobile app, and the Shipshape software all working together harmoniously.
Beyond our SmartMonitors, we can help you level up your other smart home capabilities with:
New, fast WiFi networks
Smart doorbells and door locks
Smart thermostats
Automatic water shut-off valves
Smart garage door openers
Other smart home devices

Powered by the Next-Generation Shipshape Platform

State of the Art Intelligent Software

Always on, always working for you

Unlock the Data in Your Home

Your home already generates data that likely goes unused. Our platform gathers all this information and uses advanced intelligence to make sense of it.

Get Actionable Insights

Clear and personalized information helps you in ways that matter. From weather alerts to energy insights, our software puts you in control.

Smart Mobile App

Shine a light on the scary parts of your home

Manage Your Home

Enjoy real-time monitoring, in depth scoring, smart alerts, and personalized help

And the Pros Who Service it

Don't get lost in the world of services searching again with a home for all the pros that help you out with your home

Easily Monitor and Take Action

Professionally Monitored

Your home is monitored

Home Assistant

Helps with home repairs
Manages device warranties
Answers all your home related questions
Connects you to a service provider when there's a problem
Identifies incentives and rebates to save you money (e.g. insurance & utilities)


Always online and ready to chat
Helps you find the info you need
Guides your mobile app experience
Keeps you in the loop with reminders
Connects you to a Home Assistant when you need it

The Provider Network

Your problems are solved

Your Data Working for You

We’ve all felt the joy of choosing a good local company and, unfortunately, the pain when we mistakenly choose a bad one. We’ve solved the problem for you by using the best of both cutting-edge technology and old-fashioned neighborly help. Information that you’ve already provided about your home in the Shipshape app helps identify a company that’s a good fit for you.

Best in Class Companies

We’re on a mission to get the best company in every category of home service into our network. However, our standards are high and our process is rigorous, so we’re not quite there yet. If you live in an area where we haven’t partnered with a best in category company yet, we’ll leverage the full power of our Home Assistants, building scientists, and certified experts to match you with a pro fast. Whether or not a company is an official Shipshape partner or not, we will help you see it through.

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Crawl Space & Basement


Sump Pump

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