August 17, 2022

Shipshape Joins The Basement Health Association To Drive Meaningful Change In Home Maintenance, Energy Efficiency, & Occupant Health

Most homeowners don’t know the risks associated with an unhealthy basement or crawl space until it's too late. Shipshape has been a leader in the industry through its efforts to promote healthy homes and the importance of maintenance in basements and crawl spaces since it's inception. By joining The Basement Health Association, Shipshape demonstrates its commitment to its' vision that all homes should be safe, reliable and efficient.

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Shipshape, a company on a mission to make homes smart enough to take care of themselves so that we can live in a world where every home is safe, reliable and efficient, today announced its admission into The Basement Health Association (“BHA”).

Shipshape uses smart home hardware sensors, data analytics and software to operate a first-of-its-kind, proprietary smart home predictive maintenance platform that offers solutions to homeowners to reduce the costs of home maintenance and operations. While Shipshape is a complete home management platform, one of their core use cases is monitoring solutions for basements and crawl spaces. Shipshape and The BHA are value aligned partners as the BHA exists to educate the general public about basement and building health, believing that all of the industries industries that support the home can work together for the benefit of the consumer.

“We see great alignment between Shipshape and The Basement Health Association. We’re excited to work alongside other value-aligned partners from across the home support ecosystem that recognize that the importance of fixing America’s basements and crawl spaces is beyond maintenance, but also impacts occupant health and energy efficiency.” said Adam Morrisey, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Shipshape.

Shipshape recently partnered with the research and development team from Southern Company, Alabama Power’s parent company, as well as Alabama Power’s Smart Neighborhoods team, on weatherization projects to fix basements and crawl spaces in the state of Alabama. The results showed the the importance of controlling the humidity levels in basements and crawl spaces and demonstrated that the energy impact of weatherization projects can be profound. According to a report published by Shipshape, weatherizing 26 million crawl spaces in the United States would reduce carbon emissions by approximately 0.85% or over 17 million tons of carbon each year.

“Poorly designed basements and crawl spaces are a problem nationwide, but, unfortunately, these problems are ten times worse among low-income and minority populations,” said Alexander Linn, Founder and CEO of Shipshape. “Now that modern building science has acknowledged this problem, we have a moral imperative to help homeowners avoid the long-term health consequences, financial damage and wasted energy that can result from a part of their home that’s out of sight and out of mind.”

By joining the BHA, Shipshape is standing by their commitment to use technology to build a better world.

About Shipshape Solutions Inc.

Shipshape is on a mission to make homes smart enough to take care of themselves. Shipshape believes every home should be safe, reliable, efficient and well maintained. The company operates a first of its kind proprietary smart home predictive maintenance platform that offers solutions to homeowners to reduce the costs of home maintenance and operations. The Shipshape platform integrates an ecosystem of smart home hardware to enable advanced analytics and recommend actions that will reduce risks and improve system performance. Shipshape’s software platform unlocks the value of sensor data to enable a whole new era of the smart home. The company was founded with philanthropy and sustainability at its core and includes a 2-2-2 model to donate time, money and product to help give back to the community.

Shipshape is based in Austin, TX. For more information, visit (

About The Basement Health Association

The Basement Health Association is a non-profit professional trade organization whose purpose is to educate the general public about water diversion, waterproofing, structural repair, building and basement health industries and connect them with highly reputable, BHA-Certified home improvement contractors. Basement Health Association links all industries involved in basement and building health. All of these industries can work together for the benefit of the consumer. They believe that a healthy basement should be a standard, not a luxury.

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