Advance Leak Detection

Standard Bundle Includes

1 Shipshape Gateway
3 Water Sensors
1 Network Repeater

1 Year Monitoring Subscription
1 Year Home Assistant
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Peace of Mind :)

How to Purchase

Your home is unique and your Shipshape solution will be too. With just a few questions, your Home Assistant will get to know your home and help you build the right solution to save you time, money and energy.

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Here's where this solution might go

Advanced Leak Detection

The Gateway

Plugged into your internet router, The Gateway serves as the bridge that connects your devices to the Shipshape platform from a central location in your home.

Advanced Leak Detection


Water leaking from a dishwasher may not be dramatic or noticeable but the damage can be catastrophic if it's not attended to promptly. A sensor under it can alert you when water is present so damage like warping and rot won't have time to set in.

Advanced Leak Detection

Hot Water Heater

Sometimes, a water heater will start leaking near the supply lines, and if you don't correct the leak, it could not only damage your surrounding floor and drywall but also lead to corrosion and failure.

Advanced Leak Detection

washing machine

Water damage from a washing machine is a leading source of residential water losses. This type of failure costs an average of $5,308 per incident after paying the insurance deductible. The good news is that preventing water damage from washing machines is not as hard as you may think with a sensor deployed.

Advanced Leak Detection


Having water damage under your kitchen or bathroom sink is a common problem for homeowners, and while fixing it can be an easy service call, preventing or mitigating it before water has a chance to seep into the wood is even easier.

An app to call home

Manage your home's devices and systems from your smartphone

Simple and secure - you own your home and your data
No more switching apps - everything for your smart home is here
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Your HomeHealth Record

Just like your car might have a historical report, Shipshape helps build and maintain one of your home. Simply, it is a digital version or copy of your actual home with comprehensive records of its systems and appliances, operations, location, and weather history data.

Appliance Lifecycle Management


With easy-to-install sensors, your standard appliances become smart


Relax and let the experts worry about it


Extend your system's lifespan and save money


Plan for upcoming expenses and optimize performance