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Advanced Leak Detection Upgrade

The complete pro monitoring solution for your home's water appliances

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Now it's easy to upgrade your home with the most powerful predictive maintenance solution in the world.

24/7 protection against disaster

  • Leaks
  • Standing water
  • Floods
  • Other water damage

Next-gen intelligent features

Mobile App

Manage your system from your smartphone with the Shipshape mobile app.

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Get notified when something goes wrong and receive recommendations to prevent problems.

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HomeHealth Record

Have the right information at the right time about your system, its performance, and history.

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Your virtual home assistant helps you resolve issues and connect to service pros when needed.

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Designed with homeowners in mind

Always ready for water

You know the hassle of discovering that your dishwasher has leaked under your cabinets - or flooded your kitchen floor. The cleanup is a headache, but depending on the hours between the leak's start and you mopping it up, the real disaster may have taken hold:

  • Drywall damage
  • Mold growth
  • Wood rot
  • Destroyed flooring

These problems can be time consuming and expensive to resolve. While we can't stop these situations from happening, our leak solution is designed to alert you at the exact moment water appears where it's not supposed to - decreasing the time to discovery, action, and resolution.

Flexible applications

The most common appliances our leak detection solution is applied to are:

  • Washing machines
  • Dishwashers
  • Hot water heaters

Our sensors easily install to just about any water appliance you have. Protect your home from water damage by any of these:

  • Tankless water heaters
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Bathroom sinks
  • Standalone ice makers
  • Inground pool systems
  • Above ground pool systems
  • Water filtration systems
  • Humidifiers

Streamline warranty management

Store and access information about your water appliances' warranties in one place! To ensure warranty compliance, Shipshape sends you maintenance reminders in the mobile app. Easily export your information from the platform to create a claim.

The right solution for your unique home

Call to talk to one of our specialists to modify this bundle or to build a custom upgrade!

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Here's what you'll get:

3 Water Sensors

The sensors that monitor for leaks and standing water

1 Network Repeater

The component that boosts Water Sensor communications to the Gateway

1 Gateway

The main hub that connects your sensors and brings your devices online - your home needs only one for all your Shipshape solutions

1 Year Monitoring Subscription

With a subscription plan, your home stays connected and protected with 24/7 professional monitoring and the entire suite of next-gen platform features on the mobile app

1 Year Home Assistant

With unparalleled customer service, the Shipshape Home Assistant helps you resolve home issues and connect to service pros when needed

1 Year Warranty

Shipshape guarantees this solution - extended 3 year warranties are available (sold separately) with a call

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

Send it back no questions asked if you are not completely satisfied!

Happy homeowners everywhere!

Happy Homeowner in Tennessee
Upgraded below my kitchen sink today and hoping now we'll know next time the pipes decide to leak under there! Really could have used this product last month...
Happy Homeowner in Alabama
We put a water sensor behind the washing machine in the laundry room and thank God we did because we were out of the house when the leak sprung from the worn out hose and the notification instantly told us on the phone! We got to it fast enough that our floors are fine!

Here are some frequently asked questions

Where do the sensors go?
Each home can be customized and modified to make sure you're getting the information you expect. Our advanced leak detection bundle comes ready to bring any 3 water appliances or water-at-risk spaces onto the Shipshape pro monitoring platform. Each sensor is placed in or near the target appliance of your choosing.
Can I monitor add more leak sensors for more spots in my home?
Of course! Give us a call and our dedicated customer care specialists can help you customize the advanced leak detection bundle solution to the exact needs of your home.
How does this save me money?
When water leaks and floods go unnoticed for many hours or even days, the result is a situation that usually requires more than just a quick mopping up of the standing water and patching the leak source. Water can damage most things in your home and constitute expensive repairs. By sending you alerts at the moment when water is detected in a place where it shouldn't be, our leak detection solution decreases the time it takes for you or a service pro to address and resolve the issue.
Can I get help installing it?
Of course! Our specialists are standing by and ready to help you through the self installation process. Alternatively, we have trusted local service pro partners who can complete the entire install and home setup for an additional charge.