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The complete pro monitoring solution for your home's basement or crawlspace with a dehumidifier and a sump pump

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Mobile App

Manage your system from your smartphone with the Shipshape mobile app.

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Smart Alerts

Get notified when something goes wrong or receive recommendations to prevent problems.

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HomeHealth Record

Have the right information at the right time about your system, its performance, and history.

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Your virtual home assistant helps you resolve issues and connect to service pros when needed.

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Monitoring mold risk

Controlling factors that fuel mold growth is the key to prevent it. 60% of the total air in your home cycles through your crawlspace or basement, which can carry spores from hidden mold growth.These spores can aggravate asthma, stimulate allergic reactions, and interfere with develop mental and neurological processes in humans.

Know that it's working

Easily check the status of your systems on your smartphone!
We know it's not a place you enjoy checking on often, but with continuous pro monitoring, it's as though you're always down there taking readings and recording findings. If you’re out of town, the Shipshape app can tell you if your sump pump and dehumidifier are operational so that when it's raining back home, you can relax and know that your crawlspace or basement is healthy and stable.

Always ready for water

Basements and crawlspaces are at constant risk of developing cracks, stains, mold, smells, structural damage, and rot from water. Whether it’s from groundwater finding its way in from the outside, oran out of control leak from a pipe inside, you’ll know right when it happens with an alert andShipshape can connect you to a service pro before it becomes a disaster.

Humidity and temperature checks

Identify and track temperature and humidity fluctuations in your crawlspace or basement to help you protect your home! Humidity issues can risk mold, mildew, rot, or dust mite propagation. Temperature tracking can help identify air leaks and energy waste, or help to defend against temperature issues like freezing pipes.

Frequently asked questions

Where do the sensors go?
Each home can be customized and modified to make sure you're getting the information you expect. A standard sump pump will gain sensors for detecting unexpected water as well as for monitoring the power and functionality of the system. Our pro bundle comes with a sensor for humidity and temperature as well to make sure the entire space benefits from a properly functioning dehumidifier - which also gets a power sensor to make sure it stays powered on and ready to combat damaging humidity levels. Depending on your space, other repeater sensors can be deployed to make sure that your data is transmitting strongly to the Shipshape gateway hub and platform.
Can I monitor a second sump pump or other basement appliance?
Of course! Give us a call and our dedicated customer care specialists can help you customize the pro bundle solution to the exact needs of your home.
How does this save me money?
The powerful Shipshape platform can use the operational data gathered from your connected system to pinpoint areas where energy is wasted. Whether it's incomplete waterproofing, unreliable equipment, or poor insulation, Shipshape can develop and recommend Smart Strategies tailored to your unique home to decrease energy consumption, streamline ongoing maintenance and repairs, and save your money.
My system was expensive and I want to make sure I'm covered
Shipshape can help manage all your warranties. Store and access information about your sump pump and dehumidifier system warranty in one place! To ensure warranty compliance, Shipshape sends you maintenance reminders in the mobile app. If you need it, easily export your information from the platform to create a claim.
Can I get help installing it?
Of course! Our specialists are standing by and ready to help you through the self installation process. Alternatively, we have trusted local service pro partners who can complete the entire install and home setup for an additional charge.

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