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When your utility is synced to your Shipshape home, everything get easier - from routine maintenance to emergency response

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Why Connect With Your Utility Through Shipshape?

We've Been Here Before

We’ve all felt the joy of choosing a good local company and, unfortunately, the pain when we mistakenly choose a bad one. The problem is, every company claims to be good, yet despite these glowing claims some provide inconsistent quality while others are downright unscrupulous. Additionally, a company’s reputation can vary depending on which aggregate site or search engine service you visit.

The Shipshape Difference

We’ve solved the problem for you by using the best of both cutting edge technology and old fashioned neighborly help.

Your Data

Information that you’ve already provided about your home in the Shipshape app helps identify a company that’s a good fit for you.

Your Advisor

A Shipshape Home Assistant is a real person who advocates for you from start to finish.

Your Peace of Mind

We will do everything we can to make sure you’re satisfied with your experience working with a pro in our network. Your Home Assistant wants to help you save time, money and energy each time you start your search for help at home with us.

Best in Class Companies

We’re on a mission to get the best company in every category of home service into our network. However, our standards are high and our process is rigorous, so we’re not quite there yet. If you live in an area where we haven’t partnered with a best in category company yet, we’ll leverage the full power of our Home Assistants, building scientists, and certified experts to match you with a pro fast. Whether or not a company is an official Shipshape partner or not, we will help you see it through.

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