Shipshape Advanced Leak Detection

Get peace of mind with our state-of-the-art monitoring solution.

Our Advanced Leak Detection Solution protects your home 24/7. It works with your smart home devices and our team of experts to keep your home protected. Get peace of mind with Shipshape today!

Benefits of an Advanced Leak Detection System

Powered by Shipshape

24/7 Monitoring & Alerts

Our automated system and Home Assistants watch over your home. They send alerts to you quickly so you can take action.

Real-time Leak Checks

Check on your leak detectors from anywhere with data to help you understand your home's protection and address any problems.

Complete Protection: Leak, Freeze, and Humidity

Monitor leaks, temperature, and humidity to protect your home from frost, mold, and unexpected damage.

Whole Home Protection

Multiple leak detectors work together for comprehensive protection. Affordable options for any budget.

What's Included

In the Advanced Leak Detection Upgrade Box:

1 Shipshape Gateway
1 Multi-sensor
Peace of Mind (free)

Choose the right smart home devices with our easy-to-use solution bundle. Create a connected home that is both convenient and secure.

Works with Your Smart Home Ecosystem

This Shipshape Solution is a smart home device bundle that works with other smart home devices and Shipshape Solutions. Control it all with the Shipshape mobile app for a more automated and peaceful home.

Platform Features: How We Make Your Solutions Better

Remote Monitoring

Stay informed and prevent unexpected damage with ongoing performance checks.

Proactive AlertActions

Receive helpful alerts that save you time, money, and energy by catching issues before they worsen.

Maintenance Reminders

Keep your appliances working longer and use less energy with reminders for important upkeep tasks.

Budgeting Insights

Avoid surprise costs with clear estimates for maintenance and replacement, helping you plan better.

Where Innovation Works

Welcome to our Birmingham Network Operations Center, where our dedicated team helps customers in real-time. Here, we're making technology work for you and your community while striving to make the world better. Join us on this exciting journey.

Top-Notch Expertise, Customized for You

At Shipshape, we offer two ways to get help: Sam, our virtual assistant, or our team of Home Assistants. Sam can help you find information, set reminders, and connect you with a Home Assistant if you need more help.

Shipshape Home Assistants help you with home maintenance, managing warranties, answering questions, and finding service providers. They can even find incentives and rebates to save you money.

Partnering with Outstanding Local Experts

Shipshape connects you with top local contractors for home maintenance and repair. We handle everything, from finding the right contractor to scheduling and managing the project. Rely on Shipshape for a smooth and efficient home maintenance experience.

Shipshape provider network service area coverage, US service area map

Our current national service area includes top-tier contractors.

  • Waterproofing

  • Foundation

  • Weatherization

  • HVAC

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

The Voices of Happy Homeowners


"My waterproofer called me and asked if I was interested in the monitoring. I accepted because I spent more than I would have liked to and was worried about recurring damage. After a couple rainstorms, you guys really saved me because my pump was overworking and you helped fix the problem."


"I like the product, the app, and the extra assurance that everything is running smoothly and operating as it should - especially since our dehumidifier and sump pump are in the basement, and we don't readily see what's happening down there on a daily basis."


"Great service, it's a big win from my experience. My crawl space is now literally connected to my phone. It's the peace of mind I need when away from home during the record rainfalls that we have been experiencing."


"Shipshape's sump pump monitoring is a lifesaver. It caught a pump issue before my basement could turn into a pool! Feels like having a friend always checking on my home. Super happy with it!"

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