July 7, 2022

How HVAC Maintenance & More Can Help Improve Air Quality in the Home

Impure air can cause a wide range of issues down the road. Learn more about the ways you can improve the air quality in your home.

Air pollution is not a new phenomenon, but with the rate of recent technological advancements, we are at a higher risk than ever before. Exhaust from cars and trucks, particles of dust, pollen, and mold, and the various forms of aerosols, causes the air we breathe to become impure and even hazardous. Now, ask yourself this question, “If the air outside is polluted, what makes the air inside my home any cleaner or safer?” 

The truth is, the air quality in your home is just as bad, if not sometimes worse, than what’s outdoors. Whether issues arise from dust buildup, bathroom or kitchen mold, or other random problems, there are solutions you can implement. In fact, there are things you can do to improve air quality in the home right away! 

AC Filters 

It’s good to change your AC filters regularly! This is the most immediate way to help purify your home’s air quality. The air-conditioning systems in your home are constantly working to cycle your home’s air, and while doing so, common pollutants such as dirt and dust can fill up the filter, inhibiting it from doing its job. 

Be sure to change your AC filter regularly, or schedule a professional to change it every few months, to ensure that your home’s AC unit is in “shipshape” condition. 

Additionally, there are other filters in your home. From fans, vacuum cleaners, and clothing dryers to the vents in your kitchen, there are many filters that need your attention as well. Therefore, go around your home to inspect and replace those common household filters routinely. 

HVAC Service

Speaking of common household filters, your HVAC system should be maintained by a professional twice a year in order to keep up with its efficiency. By doing this, your thermostat will be running properly throughout each season which is beneficial for your monthly bills. 

If you don’t service your HVAC system regularly, here are some things that can happen: 

#1. Your home’s temperature won’t be set at the correct temperature. 

#2. The system will start making creaking noises and strange sounds. 

#3. Bills can be significantly higher and more expensive. 

#4. Airflow is poor and/or not at the right temperature. 

#5. Your home’s odor can become musty and moldy. 

Fear not, there are a few items on the HVAC maintenance checklist that you—or a professional—can follow to ensure your unit and air filters are working properly. This checklist includes: 

#1. Thoroughly clean the coils, drains, and other hardware of your system. 

#2. Inspect all cords, motors, and functionality of the thermostat. 

#3. Testing and monitoring the safety controls and pressures 

#4. Oil all moving parts. 

Improve Air Quality in the Home

Shipshape helps you get a handle on your home’s indoor air quality. We know that this can seem like a daunting task, but with our PRO HVAC Solution technology, the little things are taken care of when it comes to keeping tabs on your home’s air quality. With our Smart Thermostat integration, you can be proactive and avoid unexpected expenses all from your smartphone. Checking in on your HVAC and air conditioning systems is now easier than ever! 

Call us or visit our website to learn more about clean air solutions, AC filter replacements, or other info regarding air quality in the home. We will help keep your home modern, monitored, and more!

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