Advanced Leak Detection Solution

Water Heater

Water Main



All Appliances

Get Peace of Mind & Reduce Your Risk

Detect Leaks

Identify a small leak before it becomes a big problem.

Identify Unsafe Temperatures

Get notified about freezing conditions so you can take action to prevent your pipes from bursting.

Detect High Humidity

Shipshape alerts you about persistent high humidity which can lead to mold growth and an unhealthy living environment.

Unlock Insurance Discounts

Shipshape helps you secure home insurance premium discounts.

Get Help Installing Shut Off Valves & Meters

We help you identify the right product for your house and the right plumber for the job.

How it Works



Simply scan the sensors and place them near the desired appliance or area. Answer a few questions about your system and your done! Setup is quick and hassle-free.


Monitor Performance

Stay ahead with AlertActions, and if you want the extra peace-of-mind, sign up for a membership that comes with pro-monitoring by a Shipshape HomeAssistant.


Connect to Providers

Easily connect to your providers with the tap of a button. Get access to a network of vetted pros. Prevent hassles and save money.

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Getting Shipshape is Easy

Installs in just 10 minutes

Pro installation is available.

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Hear From Happy Homeowners

Peace of Mind Through Record Rainfalls

Great service, it's a big win from my experience. My crawl space is now literally connected to my phone. It's the peace of mind I need when away from home during the record rainfalls that we have been experiencing.



Saved: pump was overworking

I’m you’re customer. My waterproofer called me and asked if I was interested in the monitoring. I accepted because I spent more than I would have liked to and was worried about recurring damage. After a couple rainstorms, you guys really saved me because my pump was overworking and you helped fix the problem.



professional & courteous service

Very professional and courteous service it was outstanding.



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JC Ranelli
JC Ranelli
Great system. Professional installation and service. Highly recommend.
Dominick Viruleg
Dominick Viruleg
we have this at both of the homes, it is a great mind reliever that all is work well and there is no water coming through the ceiling and all systems are work well.
Kerry Cole
Kerry Cole
I've had ShipShape in my home for a few months now and the security I've felt knowing my home is safe and monitored has put my mind at ease. It's like having an at home safety team on call, even when I'm on travels. The customer service team was so helpful and the installation was quick. I've loved ShipShape so much I've decided to get it for my parents home too.

Other Solutions


For your crawl space and basement systems: sump pumps, dehumidifiers, and complete waterproofing setups.


For your heating, cooling, and air conditioning systems: air handlers, condensers, heat pumps, furnaces, and more.

Advanced Leak Detection

Advanced Leak Detection for your water appliances: washing machines, water heaters, dishwashers, and more.

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