November 2, 2021

Steps You Can Take to Avoid Winter Home Problems

Here are the top five tips and tricks to protect your home from whatever weather comes your way during the winter months. Learn more.

Winter in the South can produce harsh weather conditions, which can create winter home problems. Southern winters are known to be cold, rainy, and dark. And nothing is worse than your home’s plumbing or pipes bursting during the winter months due to freezing temperatures. Read on for the top ways to protect your home from freezing, cold, and wet weather during winter. 

#1: Guard Your Water Pipes

Outdoor and indoor plumbing fixtures require different forms of protection. To keep outdoor piping from freezing, start by disconnecting and storing any garden hoses before the first cold snap of the season. Remember to shut off the water and insulate the hose bibs. 

Most indoor plumbing will get some heat from inside the home, but pipes that run through exterior walls may need a bit more insulation.

#2: Seal Holes and Cracks

Check your home’s exterior for any kinds of holes, cracks, or gaps. If you see any of these, simply close them up via spray foam insulation, weather stripping agents, or by caulking. 

Any kind of abnormality can be an entry point for freezing air, so check your piping and plumbing annually if you’re in a region prone to temperatures that can lead to potential home problems. 

#3: Keep Water Flowing

If you have faucets that are located on or near the exterior of your walls, consider setting your faucets to a slow drip whenever temperatures drop below freezing, especially at night. 

#4: Close Your Garage Doors

More often than not, garages are not attached to the air system of your home. During the summer months, closed garages can become blistering hot—feeling almost claustrophobic.

Conversely, the winter months can create a freezer-like atmosphere as doors go from open to closed. Remember, keeping your garage doors closed helps retain heat in your home. This will help insulate the pipe and plumbing fixtures in your garage. 

#5: Prepare for Vacations 

Whenever you leave your home for a vacation over an extended period, be mindful to shut off the water system in your home. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about pipes freezing or bursting while you are gone. 

Don’t Panic!

By following these tips, you will be doing your part to keep your home’s plumbing safe this winter. 

Have more questions concerning cold weather safety checks for your home?  Contact us today! We would be happy to help with your ongoing home maintenance. 

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