November 14, 2023

Revolutionizing Home Maintenance: Shipshape and Crawl Space Ninja Video Feature!

In a video featuring Michael Church of Crawl Space Ninja, explore Shipshape's partnership showcasing its innovative technology for monitoring home appliances in areas like crawl spaces and attics. Church's endorsement highlights the system's effectiveness in humidity and temperature control, offering significant savings and prevention of costly repairs for homeowners.

Elevating Home Care with Innovative Technology

In an exciting development for homeowners, Shipshape, a pioneering home maintenance solution provider, has been featured by renowned industry influencer Michael Church of Crawl Space Ninja. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, showcasing Shipshape's innovative approach to home maintenance and its growing recognition in the home care industry.

Watch the video here: What is Shipshape? | Home Appliance Monitoring Made Easy

Shipshape: A Check Engine Light for Your Home

"You're going to want to know that stuff's working and that's how that's where Shipshape comes into the picture is we monitor those appliances for you and then send you realtime alerts straight to your phone so you know if it's working, you know if it's not, so that way you can be proactive rather than reactive." - Austin from Shipshape

Shipshape introduces a revolutionary concept in home maintenance - a 'check engine light' for your home. This intuitive system offers real-time alerts and monitors major home appliances, ensuring that homeowners are always in the know about their home's condition. By providing immediate updates directly to your phone, Shipshape transforms the way we approach home maintenance, shifting from a reactive to a proactive stance.

The Role of Technology in Home Maintenance

"If your refrigerator goes out, you know it goes out because you use it multiple times a day. You know, if your dehumidifier is in your crawl space, how do you know what's going on with that thing? 'Cause you don't go in your crawl space, nobody does. So it's just a great way to be top of mind about those appliances." - Michael Church of Crawl Space Ninja

One of Shipshape's standout features is its ability to monitor hard-to-reach areas like crawl spaces and attics. This is especially crucial in homes where these areas are often neglected due to their inaccessibility. Shipshape's sensors can track humidity levels, temperature, and even the energy efficiency of appliances, providing homeowners with critical information that can lead to significant savings in energy costs and prevent costly repairs.

Crawl Space Ninja's Endorsement: A Testament to Quality

Michael Church's endorsement of Shipshape is a testament to its quality and effectiveness. Crawl Space Ninja's decision to partner with Shipshape is driven by the system's ability to monitor humidity effectively - a critical factor in crawl space encapsulation and basement waterproofing. This partnership signifies a shared commitment to improving home maintenance through advanced technology.

Watch the video here: What is Shipshape? | Home Appliance Monitoring Made Easy

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