October 4, 2022

How Shipshape Helps You Save Energy & Combat Climate Change

Many homeowners tell us they sign up for Shipshape because they want to be responsible homeowners and find ways to save energy and reduce pollution. We are here to help as your trusted guide!

Many homeowners tell us they sign up for Shipshape because they want to be responsible homeowners and find ways to save energy and reduce pollution. We are here to help as your trusted guide!

Do you know the carbon footprint of your home? The residential sector accounts for 21% of the energy used in the United States so you have the potential to make a major impact in combating climate change.

Homes are like gas-guzzling SUVs in that they waste a ton of energy needlessly. We have a responsibility to make homes more efficient. They weren’t designed for HVAC, and extreme temperatures are causing us to use more power than ever. 4 billion people globally will get HVAC for the first time by 2035 and this will cause an unprecedented demand for energy in cities.

In the US, electrical grids can’t handle the load. Especially in light of extreme temperatures and changing consumer demands like EV charging and HVAC consumption. Texas in 2021 experienced a blackout that needlessly cost billions of dollars in economic damage and innocent lives.

Shipshape looks at your carbon footprint in the following ways:

  1. Electricity used to operate your home. Time of day that energy is used and or utility rate plan (because it impacts what type of fuel is used)
  2. Gas used for service trucks to show up at your house
  3. Waste from damage or short appliance lifespans that leads to more garbage in landfills

We offer the following solutions to help you save time money and energy managing your home!

  • Shipshape SmartMonitors  
  • Shipshape Assisted Maintenance
  • Shaped Upgrades

Here is how we help you combat climate change:

1. Shipshape and Shaped Upgrades

Improve energy efficiency, gain visibility, optimize consumption and save energy

  1. Weatherization and energy efficiency projects
  2. Appliance replacements
  3. Smart thermostat, plug and meter installations
  4. Solar, battery and generator installation
  5. LED lighting

When you work with Shipshape to get any of these upgrades you are taking a step to combat climate change.

2. Visibility, planning & proactive AlertActions

Once you are on the Shipshape platform, we transform how you interact with your home

  1. Measure your power consumption and provide an energy dashboard and carbon footprint report for each appliance
  2. Intelligent alerts let you know about performance degradation. For example, without real data, it’s hard to know if your air conditioning unit is working harder than usual.
  3. Intelligent recommendations let you know about opportunities for performance improvements.
  4. Prevent damage from water and fire. Think about the last time you had a leak that you claimed insurance for. All of the drywall, wood and other materials to repair had to be made and transported to your house. Did you know that building construction and materials emit 11% of total US carbon?
  5. Prevent unnecessary service visits
  6. Use energy at the right time of day

3. Automated troubleshooting and assisted maintenance

When issues arise, they are much easier and more efficient to resolve with Shipshape’s help

  1. Did you know when you solve a problem yourself without calling a service person to come over you are saving a lot of greenhouse gasses from polluting your neighborhood? On average these service trucks drive 45 minutes to visit a home. Passenger vehicles emit 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year! And they clog up the roads causing traffic
  2. If you can’t solve it yourself, you save a lot of energy by getting the right service personnel to your home so issues can be addressed without multiple visits

4. Utility interface 

We make it easy for you to engage with your power provider to save money, save energy, and optimize how you use energy to minimize pollution

  1. Rate plan selection. Time-of-day rates, demand response programs, can all be a bit confusing. Shipshape helps you navigate your options and find a plan that works for you
  2. Demand response enrollment and compliance. We make it easy for you to enroll in energy savings programs with the utilities. These programs well help you know and automate the use of your noncritical appliances so you can help save the grid from having to fire up fossil fuel generators. You also get the added advantage of saving money! Shipshape helps with enrollment and compliance in these programs not just for one appliance but for all of your appliances through one easy-to-use interface.

Calculate your home’s carbon footprint! https://www3.epa.gov/carbon-footprint-calculator/

You are the hero, the backbone of our economy and the bedrock of our society! Thank you for taking care of your home! Shipshape is here to help as your trusted guide. 

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