February 1, 2022

Shipshape Is Climate Change Conscious. Here's How We Help Homeowners Monitor Their Environmental Footprint.

Read more about how you can help combat climate change by following three different rules of thumb!

Did you know that 21% of the energy used in the U.S. comes from the residential sector? That means your carbon footprint has a significant impact on climate change. If you think about it, homes are gas guzzlers in the sense that they survive extreme temperatures on both sides with the help of HVAC units and other technologies. 

The bottom line is that the United States electrical grids can’t handle such a heavy load—we’ve seen the brunt of it during the most recent Texas blackout that caused many issues. We are wearing down our home, the globe. 

So, that poses the question: “How can we shrink our carbon footprint?” 

At Shipshape we are your trusted guides to combat climate change. That’s why we look at your carbon footprint in three different ways: 

#1: Electricity Usage

When Thomas Edison brought electricity via the lightbulb into the homes of Manhattan in 1882, the world was revolutionized and has relied on electricity ever since. 

There are countless reasons to be thankful for what electricity has brought us, but it’s important to take into consideration the impact it has on climate change. We track and analyze the time and rate at which electricity is being used in your home. 

#2: Trucks and Service Vehicles 

When packages arrive or when a maintenance man comes to fix a troubled area of your home, they often drive big, diesel vehicles. We help rid you of that headache as we track those arrivals for you, so you don’t have to keep count. 

#3: Waste 

Home appliances and other technologies have a finite lifespan, therefore need to be upgraded. When they get upgraded, damage from debris, gas, or spills can negatively affect your home’s carbon footprint. Don’t worry; we track that, too! 

To Save You Time, Money, and Energy 

With the installation of our SmartMonitors, our Shipshape Assisted Maintenance, and our Shipshape Upgrades, you can be the hero of your home. 

How? By improving energy efficiency, optimizing energy consumption, and more! Once our three platforms are installed, we can assure a relationship transformation between you and how you use the energy in your home.

Be Proactive! 

On our app, there’s a dashboard for you to track, measure, and understand your power consumption each month. Simply run a report for each appliance and you’ll get all the intelligence information and recommendations embedded with the real data you need. 

Additionally, be proactive with the way you prevent either water or fire damages in your home. Think about the last time you had a leak! Can’t remember? We’ve got you covered! When Shipshape helps, we take care of issues as soon as they arrive for an easier and more efficient resolution! 

Take Care of Your Home; Save the Planet! 

Remember, you are the backbone of our world and you have a big responsibility. Our goal is to be your trusted guide through it all. Contact us with any questions, to book an appointment, or just to learn more about what we do to combat climate change.

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