August 5, 2021

How Shipshape Is Saving Homeowners Thousands of Dollars on Home Insurance

With the help of our first-class partners, Shipshape is saving homeowners thousands of dollars on their home insurance through our services, products, and app.

Together with the help of our first-class service provider and industry expert partners, Shipshape is saving homeowners thousands of dollars on their home insurance through our services, products, and app. We believe that you and your loved ones’ safety should be our highest concern, therefore we believe that it shouldn’t be a hassle to operate your own home. We’ve created solutions that have proven to save you time and money through a whole-home analysis and connecting you, a homeowner, to one of our service providers or partners. 

Update Your Home

Do you want your home to be in Shipshape condition? Would you like to know the levels of humidity in your home to prevent the growth of mold? Do you want to know your air conditioning is about to go out before it goes out? The list of things you could have surveillance over goes on and on! Connect with us today so we can start to monitor your home 24/7 to ensure ultimate safety and comfort. 

Connect with Your Home’s Installations Any Time

Through our app and the HomeHealth Record, we promise you can have access to the right information at the right time! At any point, if you’re needing assistance for maintenance purposes, we can help connect you to one of our service providers or partners. 

Repair Before It Becomes a Problem

We designed our app to provide you with smartphone notifications that will detect a problem and alert you that a repair is needed. These notifications will equip you with a variety of diagnostics and recommended next-step actions so you can be prepared with the information you need to fix the issue. 

Time for an Upgrade? 

While our products are designed to have a long life span, we aren’t naive to assume that the technology we use today is going to be perfect for tomorrow. So, don’t be afraid to upgrade your products and services to ensure a next-generation smart home. 

The Bottom Line 

Because of our professional-grade installations, high-performance products and services, and top-notch app design and development, we ensure that you’ll save thousands on your home insurance. The 24/7 surveillance opportunities allow you to check on your home and its levels at any time, anywhere you are. These functions will lower the rate and price of your home insurance.

Want to Learn More? 

As we’ve said before, we are truly here to serve you because your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Are you curious about the installation process or any of our technological products? Check out our website, fill out a form, and get connected with a representative!

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