August 3, 2021

The Shipshape App - Built To Save You Time, Energy, & Money

Our recently updated app offers various communication tools and features—making it easier for you to check if your home is in Shipshape condition!

ICYMI: We’ve built an app devoted to helping homeowners better keep track of their home’s many key, and often interrelated, systems. Plus, our app offers utmost convenience paired with practicality: It allows you to easily monitor your home from virtually (no pun intended) anywhere in the world!

How does this all work? Appliances with SmartMonitors (our sensors) supply data that confirm the health and safety of your home easier than ever. With the app, you're notified about problems before they’re blown out of control. Furthermore, a core feature to get excited about is the app’s connection capability. It can connect you with any service provider near you for emergency services or needed fixes. Additionally, if you have a preferred provider or a current maintenance plan, our app will help you quickly connect with them!

The Shipshape App: A Helpful Breakdown

With the goal of making your home smart enough to take care of itself, we’ve partnered with companies like Nest, Ring, Ecobee, and SmartThings to monitor home devices, weather data tracking, and to simplify and centralize your smart home experience. The app integrates the HomeHealth Record of information to everything you would need to know about each system and service that’s been installed in your home.

The Shipshape app is an intuitive look into your home’s health. For instance, our app home screen offers an easy-to-use interface that gives access to alerts, menu and settings, and SAM, your ever-helpful, home catch-all companion. 

Our app provides an on-hand summary of core home health indicators, rating the current reliability of your home’s connected systems, the energy efficiency of those same systems, and notifying you about any maintenance needs. You can easily tap on a score to find recommendations or add new data sources. 

Plus, adding an appliance is easy. You’ll provide the name and location—and can include warranty information for even more enhanced insights. All of your appliances will compile into an easy-to-access list (something we like to call your appliances’ “Digital Twin”). This list offers a quick overview of all your appliances in full. However, you can tap down into a particular appliance to see a more in-depth record. 

What do these records tell you? What you need to know! These records will provide important appliance data and trends, and smart sensor-equipped appliances will report even more. You can even store relevant service history information and maintenance contacts here for when appliances stop working or need repair work done. 

Get Connected! 

The Shipshape app is all about convenience and connection: Our state-of-the-art app lets you connect with a live service agent to schedule at-home appointments with ease. Additionally, you can access our convenient otter buddy, SAM, to report tech problems, schedule appointments, request home and service info, and walk through issues that come up between visits. 

Get connected! Get live data! And get peace of mind that your home health score matches perfection for reliability, efficiency, and maintenance! Is your home in Shipshape condition you want it in?

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