April 5, 2022

How the Shipshape App Helps with Home Energy Use & Performance

Read more about the benefits of downloading the Shipshape app for your home. For instance, it makes it easy to monitor home energy use and performance.

When we say that the Shipshape app will save you time, money, and energy—we mean it! Home energy use and performance can sneak up on you, and can even fluctuate in price quite frequently. 

By downloading our app, you’ll be able to track your energy and technology performance to monitor your monthly payments. If you need to shut anything off or check your home health score, you can do all that at your convenience from the app! 

Save Time 

With Shipshape, we guarantee that your home care will be made easy. How? By effortlessly fitting into your daily life through our convenient smartphone app. Whether you're working, running errands, or playing with the kids, you’ll save so much time just by clicking at your earliest convenience.

When overwhelmed by all life has going on, it can be even more stressful to have to talk to a representative. With Shipshape, you can go straight to the source of contact: SAM. SAM is one of our helpful, furry friends—who is an expert on all things Shipshape. Contact him with questions or concerns, and he’ll help you with it ASAP! 

Save Money

By checking on your home energy usage and other performance metrics through Shipshape, it’ll be much simpler to navigate your monthly spending. 

Maybe you have a home system that needs upgrading or mechanical help, our app’s smart monitor setting notifies you when anything looks a bit off. With Shipshape, monitoring your home at all times is effortless. This frees up your focus when it comes to home technology, offering continual peace of mind. 

Here is a list of upgrades our app will help detect for you, automatically: 

  • Pro Crawl Space and Basement 
  • Advanced Leak Detection 
  • HVAC Upgrade 
  • Attic Upgrade
  • Sump Pump Upgrade 
  • Dehumidifier Upgrade 
  • Air Quality Upgrade 

Save Energy

In addition to saving you both time and money, our ‘app triad’ completes itself by saving you energy! Our vision is to see homes all around the world become more “safe, reliable, efficient, and comfortable.” We do this through our mission “to make homes smart enough to take care of themselves.” 

To protect your home and help save the planet, we promise to reduce power consumption, unnecessary service appointments, property damage, and more. Did you know that because of home energy consumption, your carbon footprint could be way more than you previously thought? This fact makes it all the more important to integrate more natural resources into daily life. 

Monitor Home Energy Use & More with Shipshape

If you’re curious to learn more about our vision, mission, purpose, or download our app for yourself, visit our website or contact us. We look forward to connecting with you and helping to make your home smarter all the while!

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