October 5, 2021

The Essential Reasons For Switching Out Your Home’s Air Filters On Time

It’s important to change your air filters on a regular basis to ensure you’re enjoying a healthy home. Learn the value of on-time filter replacement.

Oftentimes, people forget the value of changing out your air filters. While it is one of the easiest things to do on a home’s heating and cooling system, it often gets overlooked or neglected—despite being among the most important considerations to your health. 

At Shipshape, we want to help you maintain a comfortable, cost-effective, and health conscious home. If your air filters are looking a little sad, and you think it’s time for them to be changed, don’t hesitate to get the job done. Read on to find out why it’s so important to keep your home’s air filters clean. 

A Clogged Filter Leads to High Costs and Ineffective Productivity 

We aren’t being dramatic when we say that no other factor affects the performance of your air cooling and heating systems more than a clogged filter. When the filter in your home is clogged, dust, dirt, and grime collect in your furnace—resulting in your air system having to work twice as hard. This will significantly drive up cooling and heating costs, and increase your carbon footprint as well. 

Because airflow is one of the most important jobs your air cooling and heating system does, you don’t want to risk it getting clogged. Forcing the system to work harder and longer because of an unattended clog does nothing except wear your system down and increase costs. Change your filter regularly to make your life a bit easier!

A Dirty Filter Equals a Dirty Home 

You may have heard the phrases “garbage in, garbage out” or “what comes in, comes out,” and these both apply perfectly to your home’s air filtering system. A dirty air filter means that the system’s blower is spreading dirty air throughout your home, including lint, dust, dirt, pollen, and even tiny, invisible microorganisms. As a result, your family may be breathing in contaminated, polluted air—which can negatively impact your overall health. 

To fix this issue, change your air filter out at least once a month. But which filter should you buy? Not to worry, our Shipshape technicians can help you choose the right filter to effectively upgrade and protect your home. 

Maintenance Costs Rise When Air Filters Are Clogged 

If you neglect to change your air filters, maintenance costs will almost assuredly rise. You shouldn’t have to struggle with expenses each month—and we know life gets too busy to constantly be working on replacing your ductwork to ensure a fully functional system. If your air filters are clean and kept up-to-date, you will spend less time and money on the upkeep, which will allow you to spend less money on repairs and instead focus on the more important things in your life and around your home. 

There Is a Shortened Lifespan for Your HVAC System

We’ve expressed this before—but a dirty filter results in extra work for you and your home system. When there is excess strain placed on the blower of your air conditioning and heating system, it can cause the system to break down completely. There is nothing worse than an HVAC system that burns out on you—so replace your air filter to alleviate the stress of that happening in your home. If you want to pay less money for a healthy, high-functioning system, don’t put off changing your dirty filters and get them replaced right away. 

As a general rule, a lower, up-front cost now is much better than an outrageous repair bill or full-on replacement in the future! 

Say It with Us: Clean Filters! Cleaner Homes! 

Simply put, getting rid of air filters that may be contaminated ultimately leads to you and your home being healthier. Changing your air filters on a regular basis makes your home more comfortable, which allows you to rest easy knowing that there is cleaner air and less allergies for those you hold most dear. 

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