November 4, 2021

Meet the Shipshape Characters

We’re excited to introduce you to our Shipshape characters: Sam, Sid, Sal, & friends! Learn more about them and how they’re equipped to help you!

Manage your home like never before with your new best friends! At Shipshape, we strive to make your home safer through effortless solutions designed to protect your home, save both energy and money, and create a more sustainable future. 

Our host of friendly characters help make all that possible: Sam, Sid, Sal, and friends! Our Shipshape characters embrace the best of Shipshape, and we are excited to introduce you to them. Each of our friends has a specific job and purpose. Let’s get to know them better!

Sam, The Otter

Our vision is to create a home for our customers that is safe, reliable, efficient, and comfortable. What better way to make sure that happens than with the help of our semi-aquatic friend, Sam? Warm and welcoming, Sam assists with maintaining your home, and takes care of answering any questions you may have regarding it. 

Sid, The Seal

To help meet the needs of your home, Sid helps you with home and critical system installation details. With Sid’s imaginative, supportive, and playful personality, you can trust that your home’s technology will be both valuable and innovative. Sid is ready to take your home’s technology to the next level! 

Sal, The Lion 

Trust the quality of your home’s integrity, transparency, and security. Sal, our furry lion friend, will protect and guard your home’s perimeter. He offers peace of mind for your family and loved ones, ensuring they stay safe and protected. Sal is ready to fight for you! 

Let’s Not Forget Our Other Friends!

Let’s not forget about our other animal friends who are just excited to partner with you. Ready to meet them? 

First up are our canary friends from the coal mine! They are dedicated to providing clean air for your home. Clean air helps maintain good lung health, decreases your chances of developing asthma or allergies, and even helps improve your mood! 

Next, our little goldfish-in-the-cistern buddies are excited to help ensure fresh, clean water for your home! They’ll help actively gauge the cleanness of the water you’re getting. 

Not to be outdone, the sly fox for fire and power energy efficiency will help maintain home protection against hazards. They’ll do this by skillfully navigating your home’s fire and power energy. 

Finally, our last animal friend is the owl: your personal home assistant! The owl is always watching and advising on your home. To avoid disasters, work simply, and save money and energy, the owl works hard to answer any questions you may have concerning your home’s safety. 

Our Shipshape Characters Help with Your Home’s Health

With the formalities over, let’s join forces and become best friends! We are excited to work and partner with you toward a better, smarter, and more meaningful home. Contact us today! 

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