February 3, 2022

Shipshape App Spotlight: Advanced Leak Detection

Save the headache and protect your home from potential water damage by installing our advanced leak detection technology.

Your home is unique; therefore, your Shipshape solution should be too. By installing our advanced leak detection software, you’re protecting your home from potential water damage and unnecessary expenses. 

Here are 5 different places that can be positively affected by purchasing and installing our technology: 

The Gateway

We simply plug our advanced leak detection into your internet router. Our “gateway” technology connects all the Shipshape devices installed in your home onto one central location, making it easier for you to access your home’s information. 

The Dishwasher 

A leak from your dishwasher can come in many forms—dramatic, noticeable, or perhaps virtually invisible—but the damage that the water can cause has the potential to be catastrophic. If not treated properly and promptly, you never know what could happen. 

Adding a sensor to your dishwasher can alert you when destructive water is present, protecting your kitchen from warping and rot. 

Hot Water Heater 

Sometimes your home’s water heater will start to leak from condensation, setting the temperature too high, or from a faulty pressure relief valve. If you don’t correct the leak, incredible damage can occur. Whether the water heater damages the surrounding floor or the drywall, stay on top of the catastrophe by installing a sensor on your hot water heater. 

Washing Machine 

Because washing machines use a large amount of water during each wash, this is the leading source and the most detrimental form of water damage that affects a house. The price varies, but washing machine water damage can cost up to $5,000 after the insurance deductible. The good news is that installing our advanced leak detection can prevent further damage. 


Similar to washing machines, water damage from your sink in either your kitchen or bathroom is a common problem for homeowners. While you can call someone to come to your house and fix your water damage, it would be better to prevent serious issues before they happen. Install our advanced leak detection sooner than later. 

Download Our App

To manage this information and gather data, download our app and chat with SAM! We’re looking forward to meeting and working with you to make your house as safe, clean, and advanced as possible. For more information, visit our website, contact us, and schedule an appointment today. 

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