January 1, 2021

How Shipshape Relieves the Burden of Home Maintenance

Using smart technology, Shipshape makes home maintenance easier, personalized, and more convenient than ever.

Just because you own a car doesn’t mean you know how to repair it. That’s one reason why today’s automobiles have electronic monitors—like the check engine light—to let you know there’s a problem for the mechanic to address. Monitors help you pinpoint problems early on, so you won’t be left stranded on the road facing greater expenses down the line.

The same goes for home maintenance. Like your car, Shipshape provides your home with its own check engine light, monitoring all of its systems to proactively alert you of a problem. The Shipshape system Home Health Record™ stores your home systems’ operating data and communicates it electronically and securely, with your approval, to chosen service providers.  

Real-Time Monitoring Alerts for Home Maintenance

The average home in the U.S. wastes 30% of the energy it uses. Most of us don’t take time to properly monitor and operate their homes to save money on energy costs. Shipshape technology does it for you. We even provide installation on your existing systems for home maintenance including your HVAC, air handling, hot water, electrical, plumbing, radon remediation, air quality, leak detection, and dehumidification. This gives you all of the advantages of real-time monitoring and alerts, the Home Health Record, automated communications with your chosen service advisor, plus automated operations optimized for home maintenance as you choose.

Accurate, real-time system performance information has been a major factor in improving technologies we use in our phones, computers, cars, entertainment systems, business operations, and manufacturing. Virtually every area of our lives has improved because of our ability to measure and better manage performance. Thanks to Shipshape smart technology, home maintenance can benefit, too.

Smart Services Without Premium Prices

One would think you have to pay premium prices to use Shipshape’s new smart equipment for home maintenance—but the smart feature is simply built into the Shipshape technology for affordable rates. This includes artificial intelligence that automatically applies best practices from building science, energy management, and preventive maintenance to reduce your total cost of home ownership, while increasing comfort, convenience, and even health.

How Shipshape Starts the Home Maintenance Process

When you’re ready to use smart technology for improved home maintenance, Shipshape learns what you want from your home and how best to automate your home’s systems to meet your needs. There’s no complex set up or programming. In fact, many homeowners find it simple enough to set up themselves. Shipshape technology is easily controlled from your phone or laptop, sending alerts when necessary.  

Add Shipshape to your Home Maintenance Plan

Shipshape is the intelligent way to handle home maintenance, networking all of your home’s critical systems together for smart diagnostics that help you avoid expensive repairs in the future. For more reliable and affordable home ownership, request a call from a Shipshape care specialist.

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