March 2, 2021

Monitor Your Home’s Performance – From Anywhere

Shipshape helps you monitor your home no matter where you are.

It’s been the best vacation ever. Lazy days spent lounging on the beach, floating in the pool, and dining to the max under clear skies all the way. If only you had one more day.

Heading back home in the car for a long ride home, you learn of severe weather heading to your neighborhood. Straight-line winds, hail, and heavy downpours are expected along with widespread power outages. Knowing your area is prone to flooding and downed power lines, vacation mode quickly turns to worry. Is your basement going to flood? Have you already lost power? What about the old roof that needs replacing? Will it start leaking

Then you remember. You have Shipshape to monitor your home. With Shipshape’s smart technology installed in your home, you can check its performance from anywhere in real-time using your phone or computer.  For now, everything looks good at home, so you return to reminiscing of starry nights and island breezes from the day before.

What is Shipshape?

Shipshape is the intelligent way to protect your home, networking all of your home’s critical systems together to help you affordably monitor your home to avoid expensive repairs in the future. There’s no complex set up or programming. In fact, many homeowners find it simple enough to set up themselves. 

How Shipshape Installation Works

It all starts with a home upgrade with Shipshape sensor kits retrofitting onto any mechanical home system. This allows your system to monitor your home for you. With Shipshape, you can check for high humidity and temperature levels in the attic and basement, leaks and floods, power events, and even air quality. Left unnoticed, many of these issues can lead to costly repairs from mold, mildew, wood rot, foundation issues, and electrical events. And, more importantly, these things can lead to irreversible health issues. 

Shipshape Partnerships for the Best in Home Maintenance

When we monitor your home and find an issue that needs a solution, Shipshape offers first-class service providers and industry leaders as resources to deliver unparalleled service for your home maintenance needs. It’s just one more way we give homeowners peace of mind.

Three Ways to Find Your Home Monitoring Solution 

When you’re ready for Shipshape to talk to you about how we can help you affordably monitor your home, you can do it one of three ways. 

1. Order online if you know which solutions your home needs.
2. Complete the form located here so that one of our Care Specialists can be in touch to help make your home smarter, safer, more reliable, and more efficient. 
3. Give us a call to talk to a Care Specialist on the spot to discuss configurations, custom solutions, or questions you may have.

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